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IIoT Solution Framework – Delpheon

IIoT Platform solutions

Delpheon is an Industrial IoT (IIoT) solution development framework for rapid IoT / IIoT deployment and it addresses typical challenges in the journey towards industry 4.0. Delpheon consists of hardware and software components to integrate Machines, Sensors, PLCs, IO Modules, Edge gateways, and Server components. It facilitates the integration of Operational Technology (OT) and Informational Technology (IT). The application can be hosted on-premise servers or any cloud platform including Microsoft Azure, AWS or GCP.

DelEdge is a Linux based field gateway software, which can be ported to any industrial grade off-the-shelf hardware, which is typically as part of the production line. DelCloud is an application framework, that is cloud agnostic and can run on Microsoft Azure, AWS, GCP or on-premise servers.

  • Instrumentation to collect data from legacy equipment in a factory floor using Del-IO or off-the-shelf external sensors
  • Mapping the physical world to Digital twin - customizable factory floor virtualization at different levels – company, factory, production line, and machines
  • Supports 100s of PLCs from Siemens, Mitsubishi, Bachmann, Omron etc.
  • Protocol harmonization among Modbus, HART IP, OPC-UA, PROFINET, BACNet
  • OPC-UA Adapter - Migration path for existing non-OPC-UA devices to OPC-UA
  • HART-IP Adapter – Migrating HART-IP network to IIoT
  • Real-time remote monitoring of all connected devices from local HMI and cloud
  • Custom chart and trends dashboard creation for specific use cases and predictive & prescriptive analytics
  • Mapping the physical world to Digital Twin – customizable factory floor virtualization at different levels – company, factory, product line, and machines
  • Complex event processing engine (CEP) to create logical events
  • Real-time remote monitoring of connected devices
  • Device management – manage all hardware and software components deployed
  • SMS, email, and PUSH notification alert mechanism on dynamic custom thresholds
  • Application Programmable Interface (API) for third party or enterprise applications integration
  • Creation of custom charts and trend dashboards for critical business parameters
  • Secure API interfacing with AUTH0 authenticated login
  • Machine Learning and AI based analytics engine for predictive, prescriptive and continuous analytics.

Components stack of core Delpheon deployment is given below:

IIoT deployment Methodologyies
  • Phase 1: Analyze: What are the operational and digital goals? What problems are you looking to solve?
  • Phase 2: Virtualize: Upload the digital twin of the production line to Delpheon, drag and map data collections points from Gadgeon’s sensor catalog to quickly virtualize the factory floor with data collections points. Then, using simple dashboards, provisioning of sensors and equipment will be easy.
  • Phase 3: Simulate: Why invest in this solution before you validate that it can achieve your operational and business goals? Configure the virtual sensors with data points that will be simulated in real-time as if it is coming from real sensors. Dashboards will be updated based on the data received from simulated sensors. IIoT deployment Methodology
  • Phase 4: Digitize: Integration of legacy equipments for data collection and harmonization of the protocol is not an easy task. Let Gadgeon’s experts help with sensor identification and instrumentation for existing old equipment. We custom design sensors depending on business needs.
  • Phase 5: Customize & deploy - Gadgeon will work with customers to customize and implement Delpheon so to make it meet their requirements.

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