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Remote Site Infrastructure Monitoring Solution

Remote Infrastructure Monitoring

Remote sites are critical for many industries like Telecom, Datacom and other utilities. These remote sites are critical for their business in ensuring the quality of their services to customers. Efficient management of these remotes site has a direct impact on the bottom lines as well as top-line. Since these remote sites are spread over multiple geographies and also in many in remote areas, efficient management is a challenge. Leveraging remote monitoring technology is the most efficient way to address the challenges and ensure success of your business goals.

Our solution allows network engineers and operators to monitor and control various scenarios such as power sources, generator fuel leaks, unauthorized intrusions and more using sensors and connected devices. With its integrated analytics capabilities, the solution helps you to identify patterns and anomalies proactively.

  • A backup power supply is critical in ensuring the smooth uninterrupted functioning of the remote site. We instrument the DG set with sensors and use the real-time data from DG to monitor and track the health, fuel usage, and timely maintenance leading to improved efficiency and extended life of your DG set.
  • Monitoring the fuel tanks through instrumentation prevents fuel losses including pilferage and ensures savings of 15 to 20% on fuel costs.
  • Our Remote site monitoring addresses the physical security and safety of the remote site through access control, intrusion alerts, and on-premise surveillance.
  • We enable tracking and monitoring of all equipment for its health and utilization. The insight from the data will lead to better efficiency, ease of maintenance, enhanced safety, and improved service levels.

Our Remote Site Infra Monitoring (RSIM) Solution ensures high availability of remote site for its intended business functions. This is achieved through instrumentation and monitoring of equipment, operational parameters, energy usage, and environmental parameters leading to proactive and quick responses based on real-time alerts.

  • Critical equipment housed inside the remote sites preventing unscheduled downtime
  • Fuel availability and DG set for uninterrupted power for zero downtime.
  • Power and battery for its health and utilization
  • Continuous monitoring with multiple alert mechanisms like PUSH notification, SMS and email ensures that the complete status including emergencies is known real-time ensuring speedy responses and quick recovery for the continued availability of the site.
  • Infrastructure health monitoring and proactive maintenance for high equipment availability

Our RSIM focus on reducing overall operational expenses through:

  • Monitoring the fuel tanks and usage that prevents fuel losses including pilferage and ensures savings of 15 to 20% on fuel costs.
  • Monitoring of energy consumption, automated lighting, and remote HVAC control leads to energy efficiency and hence lower utility bills.
  • Equipment health monitoring and alerting lead to higher availability and lower maintenance costs by avoiding unscheduled shutdown and repairs.
  • Improved and informed facility utilization for additional potential revenue opportunities.
  • Enhanced safety and security leads to savings in expenses due to theft, pilferage, and incorrect equipment handling
  • Reduction in operational expenses of remote sites through higher adherence to operational procedure by field staff and reduction in supervisory staff.
  • Efficient operational management leading to cost savings and ensures dispute free vendor payments & operator billing.

Our RSIM Solution ensures higher end customer satisfaction and potential additional revenue opportunities through:

  • Remote equipment monitoring – Track and monitor all the equipment housed in the remote site for their status and utilization leading to higher SLA compliance and customer satisfaction
  • Remote access and intrusion control prevent unauthorized access and misuse of equipment and facilities. This increases the confidence levels of your customers.
  • Proactive alerts to all key stakeholders with health status and events leading to contingencies will build confidence and trust among them.

Our RSIM Solution ensures higher end customer satisfaction and potential additional revenue opportunities through:

  • Reduction in downtime of the remote site - using infrastructure health monitoring and proactive maintenance
  • Improved customer satisfaction - high availability of remote sites
  • Reduction in Opex of remote sites - higher adherence by field staff
  • Improved tracking of contractual SLA and compliance
  • Ability to derive accurate usage behavior patterns of your remote site.
  • Provision for dispute free vendor payments & operator billing
  • Improved safety and security

Gadgeon's rapid IIoT application development framework called Delpheon integrated with our all weather (rugged) IoT gateway ‘thingway’, enables our customers to save 50% in schedule & 60% in cost while implementing and deploying our Remote Site Infrastructure Monitoring solution. Built on top of "Kubernetes", DelphEon simplifies the deployment of our solution either on cloud or an on-premise server, using a phased and iterative approach.

  • Engineering and industry expertise to be your one stop shop for sensor identification, data collection from legacy machines, protocol harmonization, sensor instrumentation, digital twin, dashboard customization, data analytics, system integration and delivering fully operational RSIM solution
  • Gadgeon has an amazing track record of completing more than 70+ IoT / IIoT solutions across the world
  • RSIM solution at speed - fully operational solution be deployed in 3 to 4 months

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