Delpheon 2.0 is set to revolutionize Industrial IoT Solution Space

August 24, 2021

Best Industrial IoT (IIoT) Platforms

A scalable and secure Industrial IoT Platform - Delpheon 

Gadgeon announced the launch of their re-architected flagship Industrial IoT solution development platform – Delpheon™. Delpheon is a scalable, configurable, secure, and feature-rich end-to-end IoT platform. Now Gadgeon’s customers, across the globe, can accelerate their digitization and Industry 4.0 maturity initiative with Delpheon providing the backbone for implementing applications quicker.

Delpheon brings highly scalable features and capabilities for data collection, device management, data storage, AI & ML-based analytics, application customization, integration through APIs and Web sockets, built-in security, support for digital twins, and industry-specific data standards & protocols. Server/cloud agnostic deployment options are set to revolutionize the industrial IoT solution realization across the industries. For more details, visit or email us at

Gadgeon Systems Inc. is an end-to-end technology company, pivoted on the Internet of Things. Gadgeon is incorporated in 2011 with headquarters in Milpitas, CA, USA. Is a trusted engineering partner for its customers across the USA, Europe, India, and APAC. We connect devices, operations, and processes to create business value and revolutionize enterprises with the power of data. We enable the digital journey of customers with critical services ranging from embedded systems, cloud & mobile app development, AI & ML-based analytics, application modernization, and emerging technology-based services along with testing & automation. More details can be found at 

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