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Success Stories

SCADA system for Oil Fields

SCADA system for Oil Fields

Customer developed a proprietary sensor and wanted to  automate the tasks historically performed manually by a  “Pumper” job role.

Solution Description

  • Overall system architecture for the wireless sensor network
  • Firmware for sensor nodes with MSP430 and Xbee Digimesh modules,  Interfacing with various sensors via ADC, GPIO, 1 wire and i2c
  • Definition of communication protocol over Digi mesh for sensor data and alarms with very small payloads
  • Implementation of image transfer over Digimesh with limited payload, software on concentrator node running Linux
  • Web interface for system bring up and configuration
  • Data backup to DB in case of connectivity loss
  • Uploading data to server using http/MQTT
  • Performance optimization of Digimesh for image transfer
  • Hardware design for the sensor nodes, Board bring up, integration

Outcome and Benefits Delivered

  • GadgEon designed the HW, radio communication system and built the back-end cloud systems
  • Data collection system and automated control system was implemented
  • System deployed and operating in Texas Oil Fields presently.

The Business Context and Challenges of the Customer

  • Individual pump health difficult to detect, resulting in high-cost of ownership per pump

Feasibility Study and Documentation
  • Requirements Gathering & Analysis, competitive product study,
  • H/W Architecture development and finalization
  • Component selection of all components and BOM management.

The Solution / System Description

POD Hardware and Firmware
  • MSP430, Xbee digimesh, Sensor integration 4-20mA circuits, Analog inputs,  Temperature sensor, PIR motion sensor, Digital inputs, Relays and Camera module
  • Proprietary protocol over Digi mesh to exchange sensor data, optimized for  small payloads
Hub Firmware
  • MQTT for cloud communication, Firmware upgrade support, reassembly of packets to create image from segmented packets over Digimesh.
  • Web UI for system configuration and status. Data backup to DB in case of uplink connectivity loss.
Cloud server  
  • User & Device Management, data storage, alert notifications, interpretation, intelligence, reporting and distribution to the mobile devices interacting with the Cloud server. The Cloud platform used is Amazon AWS
iOS Mobile App Design and Development
  • Controlling and managing the hub
  • The iOS App will enable plumbers to monitor the field equipment, receive notifications and remotely manage them.

System / Architecture Description

Cloud Architecture

 Smart Field – Data Flow Diagram

Data Flow Diagram


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