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Code Refactoring for a remote monitoring solution

A leader in remote monitoring and network management solution in North America was experiencing high maintenance cost in supporting different hardware variants for their monitoring solution. The customer was looking for a partner to make the maintenance and future feature upgrades at an optimized schedule and cost.

Solution Description


Configuration Management

Outcome and Benefits Delivered



System Architecture Description

Application Management

Event managers, Event generation/notification, Alarm Handler, Internal Faults and Statistics. POCO libraries for thread handling and notification between threads.

Protocol Management

Protocol libraries for TL1, TBOS, TABS,DCP/F, DCM, Port handling, Protocol Wrapper, Client proprietary protocols

Device Security

System boots only if pre-calculated checksum stored in EEPROM matches with file system checksum. Security enhancement with Ip tables, restricting port access, IP filters used for restricting source IP addresses.

Code Refactoring for the Project

Main Challenges

Refactoring approach implemented

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