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Automation of Production Line Change


Industrial Automation of Production Line Changes

A leading manufacturer in FMCG sector was looking for a solution that improves efficiency  in Production Line changes in the labelling process. Current manual process is time intensive and inefficient with heavy dependency on technician’s skill and performance. 

Solution Description

Outcome and Benefits Delivered

The Business Challenges of the Customer

A bottle travels through different processing stages like Un-scrambler, Filler, Capper, Labeller, Bundler etc. 

Our Solution - System / Architecture Description

Industrial automation  Solution

The System Description

Gadgeon retrofitted the existing manual readout (Scale) into a digital scale. These digital measurements will flow to an Edge gateway (DelEdge™) via an aggregator. The DelEdge will perform the processing and will display the readout in a User friendly HMI screen.


We have used industrial grade laser measurement sensor with an accuracy of ±0.1mm to measure equipment positions. The sensors will be mounted at appropriate locations in the plant. The sensors constantly monitors the position and send the information to Aggregator.


The Aggregator will collect all the analog/digital output from the sensors and will convert to Modbus TCP protocol for Edge gateway. There may be more than one Aggregator depending on the location.

Edge Gateway (DelEdge) 

DelEdge is a Linux based gateway software running on an Off the shelf hardware. DelEdge collects data from the sensors through the Modbus interface and stores in a local DB. The system will compare the received values against reference values based on the bottle type and the results will be displayed on the screen.  The screen can be accessed using any standard browser from any of the devices in the factory network.


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