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CAN to Ethernet Converter For Autonomous Cars

Research arm of a global automotive leader wanted an intermediate solution for testing and fine tuning their algorithms for autonomous cars. They wanted a solution to collect data from multiple radars on a car and aggregate all data to a PC for analysis.

Solution Description

Outcome and Benefits Delivered

The Solution / System Description

Gateway Firmware

Linux Application

Technology Stack: C, UDP, Bare metal, NXP MPC5748G 

Technology Stack: C, UDP server

Developed a firmware on NXP MPC5748G for CAN to Ethernet conversion with following features

Developed a command line application to test all the features of the Gateway

  • Read Radar Data from several CAN buses with up to 400Kbps data rate on each bus
  • Receive the Ethernet frames from the device and display or save the data. Linux PC acts as a UDP server. 
  • Format the data to PEAK Ethernet frame format and add timestamp to the Ethernet frame.
  • Upgrade the device firmware over ethernet interface
  • Send the data to a personal computer via Ethernet using UDP communication. Firmware acts as a UDP client.
  • Provide services to update the device firmware through Ethernet from PC


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