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Computer Vision for Robots in Production Line

Computer Vision for Robots in Production Line



One of the main challenges in the factory digitization is collecting different types of data from existing, aged and heterogeneous machines in the factory floor. Gadgeon’s flagship product provides a way out to this.

Results / Outcomes

System Description

Technology used : 


Text Recognition Module 

Image Recognition Module 

Custom Image Processing 

Python Based Tools 

Integration of Robot Framework For Automation Tasks

Text Recognition and Text Searching

  • Detecting text with graphics background
  • Searching  and for text in a screen
  • Recognize words in a region of interest

Text Detection 

  • Detecting  text region in an image
  • Discards region with straight lines and noise from region of interest
  • Accuracy is improved as the words are tightly cropped

Image Recognition

  • Screen detected as “menu” screen in both background images
  • Position of icons does not matter for this screen
  • Achieved by adding required image samples in training image set


  • Icon recognition and localization
  • Icon tracking in dynamic video
  • Automatically loads region of interests from screen detection


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