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Penetration testing of 360 Degree Action Camera with cloud connectivity

End to End  iot testing

Company needed to build a complete software stack from embedded Linux to a mobile app to a cloud that supports a highly functional 360Degree action camera product based on Ambarella SOC. Automate end-to-end use case level testing, including both the functional and non-functional testing of all covered devices, cloud applications, and Mobile App.

Solution Description

Outcome and Benefits Delivered

The Solution / System Description



Defined Test Strategy for the complete system including 360Degree camera, Video Streaming Cloud platform, Social API platform and Mobile App.

Requirements Gathering & Analysis, defined functional test cases and uses case based on end to end scenarios

Performance benchmarking for Rest API’s 


Scalability Testing for RESTAPI’s and Web socket 

Jmeter , Blaze meter

Cloud application automation

  • Selenium, Robot framework, Python, Jmeter
  • Automated all the test cases related to Admin Operations ( 100 % Test coverage ) 
  • Query Performance check for identifying the  database real time operational performance 
  • SQL Injection check to identify the vulnerabilities

iOS & Android  Mobapp automation

  • Appium, Robot framework, Python
  • Achieved 85 % of test coverage for functional test cases 
  • Achieved 100 % test coverage on regression test cases 
  • Crash test on application using heavy load(Eg : Continues image capture , video capture etc)

Security testing on Mobile and cloud application to identify the security risks.


Continuous Integration Framework implementation

Robot Framework 

System / Architecture Description

Tools / Technology  Used 

Cloud Service Automation 
Device Automation 
MobApp Automation
Continuous Integration
Test Management  and Reports 

Action Camera App testing

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