DevOps is about bringing process efficiency in all the SDLC phases. DevOps can be applied to every part of the SDLC processes with the goal of eliminating meaningless and or duplicate tasks and automating manual tasks.

This can reduce time to market significantly, Increase team productivity, reduce defects thereby improving quality and provide a stable and secure environment where all tasks are thoroughly auditable.

Cloud and DevOps

    DevOps and Cloud are often regarded as the vital way towards digital transformation. DevOps is about Process improvement while cloud is about technology built for accommodating a scalable and on demand IT applications. It is vital for organization to understand how they both work together in order for organization to be on successful Transformation journey.

    Cloud computing can propel digital transformation with the truly amazing tools and automation capabilities; it can help organizations streamline their DevOps Processes.

    At Gadgeon we have been delivering end to end IoT solutions for over 6 years. We believe our adoption of DevOps has helped us improve the processes and it combined with the power of amazon web services (AWS) cloud technology is what enabled us to have so many happy customers.

cloud DevOps

Gadgeon DevOps Experience

We have broken down our DevOps journey into five phases

Transforming to an Agile Team

Collaborative culture: We recognize that our most prized asset is our people. We focus on teamwork and mutual respect; team members are supported and are properly trained. A commitment to success is imbibed. As for software tools, we use Atlassian Confluence and Jira for Agile implementation.

    Git Adoption

  • We use Bitbucket and GitHub as our version control system

    Continuous Integration

  • Execute all test cases for every change
  • Jenkins, Bamboo and Robot Framework

Continuous Deployment

Traditionally taking a release to production environment for even one line of code change was humongous. It used to be months and was accepted as the norm. This is an area DevOps has played a significant role. We at Gadgeon have been able to bring this phase down to less than a week using infrastructure as Code AWS tool Cloud formation and combining it with ansible configuration management technology. We now move changes to production in less than a week.

Continuous Feedback

The work does not end after delivering to production. We ensure the product is working and exceeding customer expectations. We have selected CloudWatch and Nagios as our monitoring and feedback tool.

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