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Digital Transformation

Operational Intelligence & Advanced Analytics

We bring the ability to transform real time data and events into dynamic and actionable insights. Solutions range from live visualization thereby offering insight into your business processes; operationalizing predictive models into your business process to score against various outcomes; optimization at various customer interaction points that helps your employees decide on the what best action to take. Our solutions are collaborative and transparent to all stakeholders helping your organization be nimble and agile to all situations.

Business Process Management System (BPMS)

  • Business experts create a model of the business process
  • BPMS automates the process, drives work through the organization according to the model and managing interaction with people and applications
  • Tracks the status of work, providing dashboards and reports that ensure visibility into every aspect of business operation

Business Rules Management System (BRMS)

  • Externalising Business Rules from Applications
  • Express rules in a language that all stakeholders can understand. Not just IT. Visibility
  • Facilitates IT and Business to collaborate. Agile
  • Support all rules. Consistent.

Complex Event Processing (CEP)

Detects events that are significant to business by time-based pattern detection found within real time data feeds from multiple systems.

  • Event Patterns
  • Context Awareness
  • Temporal Awareness

Business Activity Monitoring (BAM)

  • Aggregate data related to thousands of instances of a business process
  • Monitor specific business activities.
  • Charts, reports, KPIs and alerts
  • Define and monitor Business Opportunities & Risks.

Business Resource Planner (BRP)

Every organization faces planning problems; that is, they provide products and services with a limited set of constrained resources (employees, assets, time and money). Example use cases are

  • Cloud optimization
  • Employee rostering
  • Vehicle routing
  • Hospital bed planning

Predictive Analytics

Organizations can use statistical algorithms and machine learning techniques on their existing data to predict the likelihood of a future outcome based on historical data. Example use cases are

  • Maximise cross-sell and up-sell
  • Detect Financial Fraud
  • Measure Credit Risk
  • Customer Retention
  • Predictive Maintenance

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