Embedded Linux / Android  Development

Embedded Linux / Android Development

Embedded Linux / Android Development

Our expertise can help customers to reduce time-to-market in Embedded Linux/ Android product introduction.

Be it in industrial automation, telecom/networking product, product in audio industry or a social media camera or in home/ building automation, we can implement the custom application on Linux/ Android system for your product in the most appropriate language like C, C++, Java or Python. We select the best available open source components to augment the Application software to reduce cost and improve the reliability (library or security software)

Linux Platform

  • Linux distribution - Debian, Ubuntu, OpenWRT, ClearOS
  • Customization of Boot loader, Linux kernel and Root File System
  • Linux device driver development/ customization (PCI, USB, Ethernet, wireless, audio)
  • Yocto based customized Linux systems

Embedded Application

  • Embedded Application development using C/C++ or Java
  • Network Device management using Web based GUI, CLI, SNMP
  • OpenWrt based systems for WiFi routers, smart grid devices
  • Development of Web GUI to control and manage embedded systems
  • QT based GUI applications
  • Development of LCD based displays

Protocols/ Components

  • Transport/ Network - TCP/IP, UDP/IP, RIP2, MQTT, https, REST, DDS
  • Session – SIP, H.323, H.248, SDP
  • Application - Asterisk, VoIP, DNS, RADIUS, SQUID, D'Guardian
  • Management - SNMP, TL1, NETCONF, CLI
  • Security - SSL/TLS, IPSec, IPTables, OpenVPN, PPTP, ACLs
  • IOT device to Gateway Integration
  • Gateway to Cloud Integration
  • Mobile App to Gateway Integration
  • Live Streaming - RTSP, mjpeg, HLS, RTMP, ffmpeg, gstreamer, WebRTC
  • WiFi, BLE, Zigbee, 6LowPAN, Xbee, LoRa

Gateway / Hub

  • End Node interfacing using ZigBee, BT/BLE, WiFi, 6LoWPAN, wirelessHART, simpliciTI, Z-wave, Sub GHz RF, UWB
  • Cloud Integration using HTTP(REST), MQTT, AMQP, CoAP
  • Gateway application will be specific to the solution which will be developed using C/C++ or Java
  • End Node device discovery, Configuration and Provisioning
  • Device management for Gateway and End Node
  • Security using SSL/TLS
  • Local GUI for the Gateway as well as WebGUI for remote management

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