uController & Embedded C

uController & Embedded C

uController & Embedded C

We have designed and developed a wide range of products using micro-controllers for Consumer Electronics, Wearable, Medical, Home Automation, Industrial Automation and Health/ Wellness applications. We develop and integrate various device drivers and wireless stacks for micro-controller based systems to realize end-to-end IoT systems.


  • Experience in ARM Cortex Mx, MSP430, PIC, NXP, Rabbit, TI, Freescale, etc
  • RTOS integration (FreeRTOS, Sys/Bios, MQX, CoOS etc)
  • Power optimized firmware design for battery powered devices
  • Test firmware development for validating Hardware designs
  • Porting MATLAB algorithm to resource constrained MCU like MSP430
  • Implementation with FPGA for throughput critical applications.
  • GUI driven firmware for consumer devices
  • Direct Interfacing with iOS and Android apps using BLE/WiFi
  • LWIP
  • Compression and encryption library customization

Device Drivers

  • Image sensors/ Camera
  • LCDs, memory LCDs, OLEDs
  • Audio Codecs
  • Accelerometers, Magnetometers, Gyrometers
  • Fuel gauges
  • CAN, RS485, I2S, i2c, ADC/DACs
  • Temperature/ Humidity/ Light sensor/ Moisture Sensors

Embedded Applications on Microcontrollers

  • Baremetal applications
  • RTOS based applications
  • Data acquisition and transport
  • Medical devices
  • Consumer applications with integrated display
  • Direct integration with mobile apps via BLE/WiFi
  • Signal processing applications
  • Developing Standard peripheral low level librares/integerating middleware for Semiconductor Chip venders
  • Ultra Low Power implementation using various power save modes
  • Porting mbed TLS, Custom security and DSP protocol to microcontrollers
  • WiFi, BLE, Zigbee, 6LowPAN, Xbee, LoRa

Wireless Integration

  • BLE and classic bluetooth
  • ZigBee based mesh networking and Gateway design
  • WiFi chipset integration via UART, SPI and SDIO
  • 2G/3G/4G modems
  • SubGHz long range Radios
  • Thread/ 6Lowpan/ LoRA/ Digimesh

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