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Wearable Solutions

Wearables is a fast growing industry with a vast array of ultra low-powered devices that provide real-time feedback. Many wearable devices involve solving complex mechatronic design challenges, often under time-to-market pressures. Gadgeon draws upon its experience designing ultra low power connected devices involving complex mechatronic integration to meet the needs of this market.

Areas of Expertise

  • Compact form factor hardware design
  • Flex PCBs and high component density design
  • Wireless charging support
  • Microcontroller and Microprocessor based designs
  • Mobile/Cloud Applications development to support wearable devices
  • Integration of various sensors like ECG, temperature, heart rate, accelerometer etc

Power Optimization

  • Power optimized design in both Hardware and Firmware for extended battery life
  • Using sleep modes of CPU to reduce power
  • CPU frequency scaling based on processing requirements
  • Peripheral shutdown when not in use
  • Separate power rails with individual shut off capability
  • Selecting right wireless technology for the device based on throughput and power consumption trade offs

Wireless Connectivity

  • Direct Wireless connectivity to Smartphones using BLE and WiFi
  • Gateway integration using low power wireless technologies like BLE, ZigBee, and ISM band radio
  • Optimizing the radio parameters for range vs throughput
  • Control radio transmit power to optimize battery life

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