Gadgeon is enabling improved Safety of our Children

November 08, 2022

Can Technology Make Schools Safer

Citizens across the globe and especially US citizens have become more concerned about their own personal safety, especially for children. In a study conducted by Parks Associates, 9 million US internet households (8%) are using smart tags, 37% say they do so to ensure the safety of another, and 32% say their children always carry one. To protect kids at school, parents and educators are seeking new solutions.

To effectively secure a school, multiple technologies must work together. Gadgeon Systems Inc has partnered to develop and deploy an IoT enabled school emergency management system, that fast tracked effective and proactive communication in case of events. Multiple technologies, such as web & mobile apps, and remote wireless technologies, are leveraged. The system is highly configurable and can be easily integrated with existing facilities in schools as well as with the local police.

Technology when integrated with people and processes improves school safety and creates a safer learning environments for our children. 

Recent research by Parks Associates recognizes Gadgeon System Inc for the contribution improving school safety and threat response. 

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