Connected Factories

Creating value through smart connected manufacturing involves establishing ecosystems of connected products and services to transform operations, value chains and customer experience. This typically means modernizing and extending the digital platform to facilitate collaboration with internal and external partners, suppliers, customers and other entities in the ecosystem, and automating processes.


Our Offerings

Smart Factory Technologies

By incorporating system-wide interconnected physical, operational and human assets, enables factories to better manage the entire production landscape with prediction and real-time control.

Data collection

Secure data collection devices, processes, and machines.

Visualization and Control

Real-time display of operational data in a customizable interface for local and remote controls.

Data Management

Contextualization of data across equipment and facilities in one simple platform, for making informed and reliable business decisions.

Analytics and Reporting

Using advanced algorithms, real-time data with machine learning applications to make calculations and provide predictions and estimates. Analysis on both historical and real-time data facilitates accurate conclusions.

Gadgeon has developed an IoT solution development framework – Delpheon, with proven hardware and software components. Delpheon enables integration of existing legacy machines as well as modern machines towards digitization of a factory.

Smart Factory Use Cases

Manufacturing Operations

With real-time data collection at every stage of manufacturing, IoT components reveal process redundancies and inefficiencies that are to be eliminated.

Quality Assurance

The IoT components of a smart factory can collect data on product defects.

Equipment Maintenance

 Smart factory technology can streamline equipment predictive maintenance that minimize downtime and maximize productivity.

Sustainability and Safety

From data insights into energy use, environmental performance and events like workplace injuries, IoT devices can help factories to create sustainable process and positive work environment.

Warehouse Operations

 IoT can help you see how products should move in and out of your warehouse to optimize efficiency and minimize labor costs.

Inventory Management

Use resources more effectively and automate inventory management by tracking what materials are used and restocking just in time.

Supply Chain Management

IoT is adding value to the SCM by rolling out effective maintenance practices, increased visibility of the entire supply chain spectrum, real-time tracking of assets, improved inventory practices and enhanced customer experience. It’s much easier to understand where goods are, how they are being stored and when they can be expected at a specific location.

Supply Chain Management

In supply chain management, cloudification emerges as a meaningful technology that could contribute to the financial and operational optimization by providing infrastructure, platform and software solutions for the entire supply chain network via the Internet.

Fleet Management

The goal of a fleet partner is to deliver products at the optimal price, at the exact time, and in the necessary quantity and condition. Gadgeon’s expertise in fleet management includes a range of functions such as:

Warehouse Management

Every warehouse management system (WMS) aims to improve the overall efficiency in various functions such as shipping, receiving, placing, and picking of goods. Automation will help in product picking and transportation processes, maximizing warehousing space, increasing order fulfillment speed, lessening administrative work, real-time view of the stock. And, thereby making the process non-intrusive without replacing the existing system.

Industrial Expertise



Greater Productivity and Lower Costs

By optimizing the utilization of physical and financial assets, companies can reduce costs across the manufacturing process. Greater automation increases efficiency and quality, and digital business platforms can boost scale and speed.

New Revenue Streams

Advanced, customized products combined with connected after-sales services — or even a full subscription-based services approach — attract new customer groups, enhance customer experiences, improve competitive differentiation and drive new sources of revenue.

Improved Customer Experiences

Integrating customer data across silos and understanding customers by using machine learning are enabling highly personalized interactions and making it possible to deliver accurately focused, proactive customer services.

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